Everyday our usual paths are streams, the grass is marshland and the ducks swim in pop up ponds.

Nevertheless Daisy and I walk the countryside everyday, loving it all. One of us sporting green wellies and a long, green waterproof jacket the other in her usual black and white fur coat. Returning from the “wildness and wet ” one of us is still in green whereas the other has discarded her smart black and white outfit for a fetching little chocolate brown number. Soggy, unbelievable mud covered but very, very joyful.

It doesn’t seem to matter how wet, blowy and downright foul the weather is, for every walk there is treasure to be found. you simply have to slow down little and LOOK. Swathes of exquisite little snowdrops lighting up the hedges and cliff walks, tiny, hidden groups of violets and soon after celandines blazing yellow all over the place and they do this every year…nature is awesome.

But…today the sun is shining and what I really would like to be able to do is paint or draw the soul filling sound of the birds singing but my skill with a paintbrush isn’t quite at this level yet. I SO want to be able to let you hear what I can hear.

This was last Spring. What a fickle creature our weather is but that is how I like it. Not boring, keeping walkers on our toes. This Spring is much drier which will, of course, have implications on nature. Birds nesting a bit earlier which means enough insects have to be around to stuff in the gaping hole that is the ravenous chicks faces, trees coming into blossom sooner than usual which means artists have to stay alert and not miss great moments. Great moments come so thick and fast in Spring that there’s NO chance of keeping up. Being organised could help but when did you ever meet an organised artist?

Sometimes I see something awesome and compose THE picture only to set off with sketch pad to capture it’s beauty and….too late, nature has moved swiftly on from blossom to seed production in an instant, with seemingly no effort at all.

Exhausting this, keeping up with the wild stuff!



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