There never was a time when I didn’t know how deeply I love this earth.

My bones belong here.

My spiritual connection to the remarkable planet allows me to be
a collector of small things, an observer of the ordinary, a storyteller, an earthkeeper and an artist.

Throughout my painting career I have used most mediums but watercolours and oils are my greatest loves. Watercolours for its quiet, introverted process and simple almost ethereal quality. This medium possesses a life of its own and it won’t be pushed around, the outcome of any watercolour painting always has a little surprise as it dries, a little unexpected magic.

Oils, on the other hand are louder, brighter, bossier and need a firmer hand!

Although I always have ideas queued up and buzzing in my head they are always threatening to be pushed aside by the next one before they even reach the canvas. Staying focused is a constant issue. I also couldn’t live without my sketch books, often messy as they are.

I work by combining photos I have taken, “treasures” foraged from land and shore and from the life that surrounds me every day. Looking at other artists and designers work is always an inspiration and something I grab every opportunity to indulge in.

For many years I was bothered and a little self conscious by being self taught but I have learnt that there are many paths to reaching ones goal.

“Normality is a paved road. It is comfortable to walk but no flowers grow on it”